Windstream ® Permanent Magnet DC Generator- Current: 3A continuous, 10A max (#443541)

Start Up Torque – .153 N-m  = 1.35 pound inches or .113 ft. lbs

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  • Shaft: Steel 15.9mm (5/8″) diameter, 48mm length, with 4.8mm (3/16in) key.
  • Armature: 21-slot armature 76.4mm dia. series wound with AWG18 magnet wire (fusing current:82 amps).
  • Brushes: Extra-large 19x25mm brushes – replacement stock no. 443730 $ 24.90 per set
  • Magnets: Two high-energy saturated C8 ceramic magnets, 12x164mm.
  • Bearings: Two sealed 40mm OD ball bearings
  • Rotation: Either direction – The red output wire is positive for clockwise rotation from the shaft end. Use Full Wave Bridge Rectifier if shaft will be turned in both directions.
  • Speed: Zero to 2,500 rpm (5,000 rpm intermittent), generates at all speeds – depends on load. Load introduces current. See current rating at top of page or on curves.
    Mounting: Four 3/8″ tapped holes on the faceplate, bolt circle 150 mm or by removable baseplate.
  • Weight: 12.6Kg (27.6lb) Shipping weight 14Kg (31lb), dimensions 380x230x204mm (15x9x8in).
  • Resistance: Internal resistance 1.1 ohms. Inductance 4.8mH.
  • Output Voltages: 12, 24, 36, 48, 90, or 120 (determined by load and rpm)
  • Output ratings determined by rpm and load.
  • Generators are not weatherproof and need to be enclosed if used outside.
  • *Generators are non- returnable once installed and connected to a power supply

If you receive a generator that is damaged in shipping, please notify us before you install the generator in your application

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