Gerber Recon D.I.A.L. Technology


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Gerber Recon D.I.A.L. Technology 0016


The Recon emits four different colors (white/red/green/blue) using the Patent Pending Diode Illumination Adjustable Lens System. The lenses are integrated into an all in one system preventing the loss of interchangeable lenses. The patented Diode Step-up Regulator allows 100 hours of burn time from one AA battery (included). Lanyard included. Black body.

Specifications for Gerber Recon D.I.A.L. Technology 0016:

  • Light Source Type: L.E.D.
  • Light Source Quantity: 1
  • Light Source Life: Lifetime
  • Output Color: White, Red, Green and Blue
  • Output Color Modes: white, red, green, blue
  • Configuration Modes: steady red, white, green, blue
  • Housing Material(s): Anodized

Features of Gerber Recon D.I.A.L. Technology 0016:

  • Low watt L.E.D.with proprietary D.I.A.L. technology
  • Blue, Red, Green and Clear lens options
  • Clip allows for hands-free use


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