Shelf Reliance Harvest 72″ #10 Food Rotation System


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The Harvest 72″ #10

The Harvest 72″ #10 is a revolutionary food rotation system offered by Shelf Reliance. Designed to hold 112 gallon size cans, this system offers versatility and convenience by taking the hassle out of can storage. The Harvest 72″ #10 features a patented front-loading rotation system that automatically rotates cans on a first in first out basis. This unique food rotation system guarantees a more organized pantry or storage room in minutes.

Height: 72“
Width: 36.5″
Depth: 24.5″
Capacity: Up to 112 gallon size cans

You will find a customizable row configuration option in the features section below. To determine which configuration best suits your needs, please use our helpful can sizing chart.


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