Michelin Multi-Function Portable Power Source XR1


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Michelin Multi-Function Portable Power Source XR1
The name is a mouthful, and the amount of features built-in to this compact device will leave your mouth wide-open. The XR1 features: a Jump Starter, Bluetooth connectivity, Air Inflator, Two AC Outlets, USB power port, DC Socket, LED worklight, Aux input, and an AM/FM Radio with digital tuner!


Michelin, A Better Way Forward
Michelin is an internationally recognized and trusted tire company. Michelin believes in uncompromising premium products that are formed from the highest quality components; creating the absolute best all-around devices – The XR1 is precisely that.

Safety For Your Loved Ones
Don’t subject your loved ones to airing up their tires at a gas station, waiting for a jump start in a dark parking lot, or leave them vulnerable on the roadside at night. The XR1 will allow them to service their own tires, jump start a car and give them the power they need while on the road.

The Power Inverter
The built-in power inverter provides AC (wall outlet type) power when you’re away from home. With a 200W rating and a 400W surge capability, you can power a small fan, video game system, radio, DVD player, small blender, and more!

The Air Inflator
The powerful 260 PSI compressor will air up your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, bicycle and even lawn mower tires with ease! With the included adapters, you can air up your sports equipment and inflatable pool toys too.

The Digital Bluetooth Radio
Ideal for listening to sporting events, emergency weather information, and your favorite radio station; the digital radio tuner makes it easy to find the right channel. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream your favorite music from your phone or music player** right to the XR1. The auxiliary input port lets you connect 3.5mm devices.

The Jump Starter
The XR1 is equipped with a purpose built battery that is made for jump starting. With 40-inch long heavy-duty jumper cables, and 300 cranking amps (1,000A peak) at your fingertips, the XR1 will safely boost that dead battery* and get you back on the road.

The case is made of a resilient high-impact plastic that is designed for safety and maximum durability. The case is then wrapped in a rubber tire tread armor for added protection against bumps and provides a secure non-slip grip for ease of handling.

Quick List of Features

  • Michelin Quality
  • Jump Starter
  • 200W Power Inverter
  • 260 PSI Air Inflator
  • 12VDC & USB Power Port
  • AM/FM Radio + Bluetooth
  • AC & DC Chargers Included
  • Rubber Tire Tread Armor



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