Nik Schmitt Fermentation Crocks 5-40 LITER


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Nik Schmitt Fermentation Crocks


Made in Germany

Nik Schmitt is carrying on the German tradition of quality stoneware with their Gärtopf pickling crocks. They are made to high German standards and are coated with an even brown glaze. They are free of contaminates such as lead and cadmium and easy to wash.

Traditional lactic acid fermentation is the healthy way to preserve your food. Fermented food is packed with vitamins, enzymes and pro-biotics. The Nik Schmitt fermentation crocks come complete with lid and stones to make the job trouble free. The air-tight sealing with the lid and gutter helps prevent mold growth and unpleasant odors. No more skimming of kahm yeast or trying to find a makeshift weight to hold your vegetables under the brine.

The Nik Schmitt crocks can help you enjoy pickling almost any vegetable including cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, carrots, and more. They are great for making traditional treats such as sauerkraut, kosher dills, kimchi, sour beans, hot sauce, and pickled peppers. Simple instructions with recipes are included with the crocks.

Nik Schmitt Pickling Crock 5L (1.3 gal.) Stock # 2254

Nik Schmitt Pickling Crock 10L (2 3/4 gal.) Stock # 2255

Nik Schmitt Pickling Crock 15L (4 gal.) Stock # 2256

Nik Schmitt Pickling Crock 20L (5 1/3 gal.) Stock # 2257

Nik Schmitt Pickling Crock 25L (6 2/3 gal.) Stock # 2258

Nik Schmitt Pickling Crock 30L (8 gal.) Stock # 2259Nik Schmitt Pickling Crock 40L (10 3/4 gal.) Stock # 2260

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