SAWYER SP194 Complete 4L Water Purifier System


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With the SAWYER SP194 Complete 4L Water Purifier System there will be no more pumping or chemicals needed. Simply set up the Sawyer water filtration system, and let gravity provide you with 4 liters of fresh, clean water in about 3 minutes.

Each filter has a lifetime warranty as long as you follow the simple care and use instructions. Follow the helpful hints included in the directions for use. Backwashing is not required often unless you are filtering very turbid water. Backwashing only takes a few seconds. If you are accustomed to a ceramic filter, the leaning ratio is approximately 20:1. In other words, by the time you first need to clean your hollow-fiber filter you would have needed to clean a ceramic filter 20 times. NO REPLACEMENT FILTERS OR CARTRIDGES ARE NECESSARY.

We trust you will thoroughly enjoy the ease and extra protection this proven next-generation technology offers you.The Sawyer Water Filters feature a 0.1 Micron Absolute Hollow Fiber Membrane, which uses medical technology developed from kidney dialysis. When the water is drawn through the filter, it flows through the side walls of the Hollow Fiber tubes. Sediment, bacteria, protozoa, cysts, and other contaminants are filtered out exceeding all applicable EPA recommendations. NO CHEMICALS, NO WAITING, NO PUMPING, NO WORRIES!

Specifications for Sawyer Complete 4L Water Treatment System:

Product Weight: 0.92 kg, 2 lb 1 oz
Weight: 2.13
Fabric/Material: Sawyer PointONE 0.10 Absolute Micron Water Filter
Water Treatment Type: Filter
Water Filter Method: Gravity

Features of Sawyer Complete 4L Water Treatment System:

  • Simply fill the included gray reservoir with unfiltered water, attach the filter and filter hose and let gravity fill the included blue reservoir with clean water
  • Use the clean water in your blue reservoir as a campsite water source for dirty dishes and filling water bottles, by simply hanging the reservoir from its handle.
  • Or, attach the included drink tube and a bite valve (sold separately) and use the reservoir as a convenient pack hydration system
  • Filter removes particles, protozoa, and bacteria down to 0.10 micron in size, including giardia, salmonella, cryptosporidia
  • The Complete system includes a faucet adapter for a thorough backwash when you get back home to your faucet.
  • But just in case you never go back home, the included Sawyer filter is fully field maintainable to ensure a fast flow of water
  • Setup is simple and the system packs easily, with a packable weight at just 12 oz.
  • 4-Liter Nylon Dirty Water Dispenser
  • 4-Liter Nylon Clean Water Storage Vessel with High Flow Dispensing Cap
  • Sawyer PointONE, 0.10 Absolute Micron Water Filter
  • Faucet Adapter
  • Drink Tube
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions


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