Exeltech 600 watt sine wave inverter, 24 volt. 600W


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Exeltech 600 watt sine wave inverter, 24 volt. 600W
Detailed Description 

These inverters can supply twice their rated output power for 3 seconds, in order to start motors or supply in-rush currents to electronic loads. If output power is exceeded for greater than 3 seconds, output voltage is reduced to a level which will provide the inverter’s rated power to the load by clipping tops of the waveform. The inverter can operate safely in this mode indefinitely. Should the overload condition clear, the inverter will again provide the cleanest Sine Wave in the industry. This over-current circuitry insures maximum peak current does not exceed 300% of rated RMS current. Should this number be exceeded, it will again reduce output voltage as required to maintain that limit.

Temperature: -25 to 30 C full power derated above 30 C

Humidity: 5 to 95% non condensing

Altitude: -200 to 10k feet full power, derated above 10k

Audible Noise: Less than 45dbA

Cooling: 600W/1100W Thermo- statically controlled forced air. 125W/250W convection cooled.

Finish: Painted aluminum

Case size: 7.70" x 3.60" x 11.77"
Weight: 6.5 lbs


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