EBERLESTOCK Shooter’s Nest Bivvy


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Eberlestock Shooter’s Nest

Shooters Nest Bivvy
The Shooter’s Nest is a step up from your average bivvy. The main structure is made with Gore-Tex® gas-permeable membrane laminated to a high quality low-sheen tent fabric. It is breathable for interior comfort and fresh air, but waterproof, and has minimal condensation build-up. The bivvy features four keeper-straps on each of the corners, into which you can put your sleeping pad.

Features two entrances: a top-opening zipper provides big, easy access for both yourself and your gear. The entrance under the awning can be used for both weather protected ventilation, as well as serving as a portal for shooting. This low-profile structure works well for a shelter for either snipers or hunters who face long periods of time on station in inclement weather.

Shown above resting on our A1SM Shooter’s Mat, the latter provides a perfectly matched ground barrier for the Shooter’s Nest.

Dimensions: 41 x 94″

Actual Weight = 3.9 lbs.

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