Special Operations Solutions


The modern environment presents unique challenges, and Eberlestock provides unique solutions:

  • Our tough and versatile rifle-bearing tactical packs, featuring our patented Quickdraw Backscabbard, are a revolutionary alternative to drag bags, and are perfect for missions where carriage of more than one weapon is necessary.  Plus, of course, any time that you’re going to be walking very far and need a place to stow your weapon, this system is hard to beat.

  • Carry your weapon in a readily accessible place, and get it off of your back while still wearing your pack. 

  • Carry your gear and weapon completely enclosed in a conventional-appearing backpack. 

  • Experience a new level of personal mobility and organization.

  • In the urban combat environment, climb ladders, rappel down elevator shafts or off rooftops, and be agile in a way that you can only experience while using our product, all while carrying your weapon in an accessible place.

  • In mountain combat, hands-free weapons carriage makes all of the difference for personal mobility, agility, and safety.

  • Our unique patented Cam Expansion system offers exceptional versatility, allowing one pack to fill many roles.

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