NukAlert Personal & Compact Key Chain Attachable Radiation Monitor & Alarm

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NukAlert Personal & Compact Key Chain Attachable Radiation Monitor & Alarm is More than just a radiation detector, the NukAlert Personal & Compact Key Chain Attachable Radiation Monitor & Alarm   is a patented personal radiation meter, monitor and alarm. Small enough to attach to a key chain, the device operates non-stop, 24/7 and will promptly warn you of the presence of unseen, but acutely dangerous levels of radiation.

Carried everywhere your keys go, with NukAlert’s 24/7 constant radiation monitoring, you’ll always be promptly alerted to the unseen, but acutely dangerous, levels of radiation if/when present. A benefit of the NukAlert™ radioactive material detection, not to be overlooked, is that it will also confirm when and where those high levels of radiation are not present, too.

Used nationwide by federal, state and local first responders, law enforcement and the Dept. of Defense, the device is the ideal solution for increasing individual security and awareness of radiological threats. With the anticipated general public angst accompanying any future developing nuclear emergency it will be very reassuring to know with confidence that, for your locale, your family is out of the worst danger.

NOTE! No returns on these type of items!

PLEASE NOTE: This item can not be shipped outside of the contiguous United States, it can’t be shipped to APO addresses, Hawaii or Alaska.

Features & Benefits:

  • Meets the following DoD EMP immunity standards:
    1. MIL-STD 461D (Control of EM Interference)
    2. MIL-STD RS105 (EMF Transients)
  • Tested & Verified by Naval Air Warfare Center
  • Always “ON” 24/7, Includes long-life 10+ year battery
  • Detection Range: 100 mR/hr to 5,000 R/hr,
  • Metering: 100 mR/hr to 50 R/hr, in 10 calibrated ranges
  • Proportional Increasing Chirp Rate: 50 R/hr to 5,000 R/hr
  • Gamma and X-rays from 20 keV to above 2 MeV
  • Sensitivity incl. higher emergency radiation levels
  • Alarm “chirp” corresponds to chart on back of device
  • Introduced before Health Physics Society – 1/03
  • Performance verified by Nat’l Radiological Laboratory
  • Each unit individually radiation accuracy tested
  • Patented technology
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Detects Gamma & X-ray radiation: 20 keV to 2+ MeV
  • Detection Range: 100 mR/hr to 5,000 R/hr
  • Sensitivity: 100 mR/hr to 50 R/hr indicated in 10 ranges
  • Proportional Increasing Chirp Rate: 50 R/hr to 5,000 R/hr
  • Indication: Repeating groups of rapid countable chirps
  • Operational indicator: faint “ticking” = operating OK.
  • Alarm loudness: ~ 61 dBA (speaking volume)
  • Durability: Functional after 6′ drop or submersion to 6′
  • Battery: Operational Life Expectancy @ room temp:
    • Non-alarming (normal operation) – 10 to 15 years
    • Alarming continuously at single chirp level – 3 years
    • Alarming continuously at highest alarm level – 3 months
    • See NEW Battery Replacement Program
  • Detector: Patented CdS photo resistor coupled to a rare earth phosphor scintillator
  • Housing: hermetically sealed, radiation transparent, abrasion resistant ABS plastic
  • Accuracy: Within +/- 1 chirp
  • Response Time: Dose rate dependent:
    • ~3 – 4 min. @100mr/hr
    • seconds @ R/hr ranges
  • Accumulated dose chart on back
  • EMP immunity: Meets MIL-STD-461D, RS105
  • Over range survivability: Functional after 5K R/hr. for 2hr.
  • Temperature Range: -20 C to +50 C
  • Physical: 1.75″x1.25″x .75″H (LxWxH), Wt <1.0 oz.



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1 review for NukAlert Personal & Compact Key Chain Attachable Radiation Monitor & Alarm

  1. Randy Crawford (verified owner)

    Excellent item because it can always be with you. Manufacturer claims that relative to the beep scale, the true radiation level may be more or less by a factor of two. I tested three of them against a 500 Roentgen cesium-137 source, and they are actually off (reading too high or too low) by a factor of four. But, that is plenty good enough to tell you when it is time to go elsewhere, and when you have arrived at a safer place that has fewer beeps in the beep string and therefore less gamma radiation. Definitely worth $150 unless you think your life is worth less than that. I got one for every member of my family, and will be getting more so they don’t have an excuse to be without. Related product is no longer available to the civilian market, since the government knows what is coming ahead of you and is getting all they can get for themselves.

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