Trioxane Solid Fuel 9 Bar Package Large 3″ Bars Burn 7-9 Mins


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Trioxane Solid Fuel 3 Bar Package Large 3″ (EACH BAR BREAKS INTO 3 PIECES)  Bars Burn 7-9 Mins  THIS IS GREAT STUFF

Trioxane burns clean and hot, packs easily and compactly. Ready immediately at the touch of a match. These mil-spec heat tabs are made to heat military rations, camp foods, and will even boil water. Each bar is approximately 3-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ x 3/8″. Weighs 30 grams and burns 7 to 9 minutes. Put some in your survival kit as a quick, reliable firestarter. Package of 15 full sized bars are sealed in a water-proof foil. Great for use in folding camp stoves, Esbit stoves, and our item number MLT-9089.
This product cannot ship air. NSN 9110-00-889-3553 MIL-F-10805D


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