Schnitzer Campo Roller/ Flaker


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The Schnitzer Campo
with Double Stainless Steel Rollers

What can the Campo flake?

The Campo will roll and flake oats, spelt, rice, rye, and wheat- and other dry grains of a similar size to wheat The Campo can also be used to roll seeds with a high oil content.

How does the Campo flake?

The Campo uses two geared stainless steel rollers with an infinitely variable adjustment, so you can flake your grains as fine or as coarsely as you desire.

How fast is the Campo?

Though your speed will vary depending upon how fast you crank and how tightly the rollers are adjusted, the Campo flakes up to a quarter pound per minute.

How big is the Campo?

With its handle the Campo stands eleven inches tall, six inches wide, and weighs in at a burly seven pounds. Its hopper holds roughly a quarter pound of grain.

What is the Campo body constructed with?

The Campo body is made of Beech wood finished with linseed oil.

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