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June 23 @ 9:00 am - June 25 @ 5:00 pm

$850 (Including Classroom Fee)



I will be back at Ready Made Resources for Round 2 of the Active Shooter Awareness and Reaction Course from JUNE 23RD-25TH, 2023. Lodging, food and water is on you while on site for the training. There are places to camp on site. No firearms required for this training, all equipment except for the basic personal protection equipment will be provided by me. You will need eye protection, medium weight jacket and padded gloves. We will be strictly using AIR SOFT training weapons.


Will be taught by Former Special Forces Medic Steve Reyes. You can’t have the firearms training without the knowing the medical side of the house. Learn how to assess a patient, render aid to a patient or yourself, and how to keep someone alive during a critically dangerous event. This medical training, much like the tactical firearms part, can be applied to every day normal operations for all civilians.



Please call Robert Griswold at 800-627-3809 to sign up or go to the link above

***The class costs $800 per person, with an additional $50 fee that will go to the proprietor to cover utilities. This course can be purchased online at www.ReadyMadeResources.com. Top of the front page will have the link to the course. For any questions please call Robert Griswold at 800-627-3809***


The Active Shooter Awareness And Reaction Course Will Provide The Student With The Ability To Better Handle The Ever Changing, Rapidly Evolving And Ever Dynamic Scenario Of A Mass Killing Or Active Shooter. This Course Is Designed For The Student To Be Provided With The History Of The Most Recent And Most Notable Active Shooter Or Mass Killing Incidents. Understanding The Basic Medical Applications Of How To Stop The Bleeding And Treat For Shock. The Students Will Experience Various Use Of Force Scenarios, Team Building Exercises, Single Man And Team Room Clearing Techniques. There Will Be A Fight For Life Scenarios That Will Push The Student Beyond Comfort Level (But In A Safe Way). This Course Will Be Physically Demanding At Times However The Course Is Based Off Of A “Crawl, Walk and Run” Phase Where We Slowly Introduce New Concepts And Techniques To Build Up The Students Confidence In Their Own Skills.

After The Course Is Completed We Expect The Students To Walk Away With A Confident Level Of Understanding Of How To Better Prepare Themselves And Their Loved Ones For The Next Active Shooter Incident, Mass Killing Or Unforeseen Disasters. This Is A Minimalist Course Because Most Likely You Will Have A Minimal Amount Of Gear On You During An Active Shooter However, It Is Strongly Advised To Bring Body Armor Due To The Fact That Armor Changes The Way You Stand, Shoot And Move. Get The Repetitions In Your Gear When You Can and While You Can.

This Course Will Not Be Very Physically Demanding But You Will Be Involved In Scenario Based Training Where Airsoft Pistols And Airsoft Rifles Will Be Used During Force On Force Training. Protective Masks Will Be Supplied As Well As The Airsoft Pistols And Rifles. This Course Will Be Focused On Teaching Tactical Techniques And Decision Making Skills For Dealing With Active Shooter Situations and Other Dangerous Scenarios. This Course Is Meant For All Shooters Of All Experiences. Women and Family Units Are Highly Encouraged To Take This Course. There Is No Yelling Or Intimidation In This Course. My Sole Purpose Is To Teach You What I Know and I Can’t Do That Screaming Plus, I Find The Yelling And Being Intimidating To Students Just A Bit Counterproductive. As Christian First, It is My Duty To Treat Everyone Equally And Hold Myself To A Higher Standard. Final Note, If Are Prepared, Then You Can Help Others. My Goal Is To Get You To That Level Preparedness. Choose You This Day, Will You Be An Asset Or A Liability To Others Around You?

Gear List:

-Ballistic Helmet and Body Armor (recommended to bring it if you have it)

-Long Sleeve thick shirt for protection against Airsoft BB projectiles

-Shooters Gloves



-Eye Protection


-Water Source

-Snack Food

-Flash Light (hand held) and for low light shooting

 Course Overview

Lead Instructor: Douglas Thornton

Guest Instructor: Steve Reyes (Doc)

Friday Part 1:Basic Weapons Handling (0900-Noon)

  1. Safety drills/Muzzle Orientation while stationary

  2. Magazine Exchange Drills/Tactical and Emergency Reloading

  3. Standing, kneeling, prone, walking to running shooting drills

  4. Agility Drills (Illinois Drill) with firearms with tactical proficiency and shooting drill evaluation

    ***LUNCH BREAK***

Friday Part 2: Medical Training

  1. Patient Assessment

  2. Vital Signs

  3. Medical Terminology, Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Friday Part 3: Intro to SERE

  1. What is SERE? (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape?)

  2. Why is SERE important?

3. Code of Conduct

4. Situational Awareness, COMMO, and Organization

Saturday Part 1: Basic Tactics (0900-Noon)

  1. How to pie a danger zone: Windows/Doors/Vehicles

  2. Shooting from Vehicles and around vehicles

  3. Room Clearing Drills

  4. Movement to Contact with bounding/different shooting positions and using cover.

    ***LUNCH BREAK***

Saturday Part 2: Medical Training/Trauma Skills Class

  1. Hemorrhage Control Training

    a. Tourniquet Application

    b. Pressure Dressing Application

    c. First Aid Dressing Application

    d. Learning the difference in Direct Pressure and Indirect Pressure

  2. Airway Management/Respiration (Breathing)

    a. Oral Pharyngeal Airway (OPA)

    b. Nasal Phalange Airway (NPA)

    c. Occlusive Bandage Application

    d. Auscultation, Airway, Mechanics, Bilateral Rise and Fall of the Chest and Skin Color

    e. Needle Decompression

    f. Patient Positioning

  3. Circulation

    a. Physiology of Cardiovascular System

    • Heart Rate

    • Blood Pressure

    • Blood Volume

b. Intravenous Infusion

c. Shock

e. Controlling Shock

Saturday Part 3: SERE


Saturday Part 4: Night Time Tactical Drills

  1. How to shoot with a flash light

  2. Moving and shooting drills

  3. Room Practical Application at Night

Sunday Part 1: Basic Team Tactics (0900-Noon)

  1. Group Patrolling Basics (Learning to work together)

  2. 2 Man Team Movement Drills/Covering/Bounding/Withdrawing

  3. 2 Man Flanking Drills and Pinzer Drills

  4. Tactical Withdrawal and Covering Fire Drills (Getting off the “X”)

  5. 2 Man Room Clearing Drills

    ***LUNCH BREAK***

Sunday Part 2: Medical Training

  1. Hypothermia, Head Injury and Hydration

  2. Patient Assessment

    a. Care Under Fire

    b. Initial Assessment-MARCH (Immediate Life Threats)

    c. Secondary Assessment

    -Reassess M&R Interventions

    -Address All Wounds from Major to Minor

  3. Medical/Trauma Based Scenario Training

Sunday Part 3: SERE

  1. TBD

  2. TBD


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