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Most powdered eggs claim 5 – 10 years shelf-life, but is this really true? Not according to the American Egg Board:

“Plain whole egg solids [powdered egg] have a shelf life of about one month at room temperature and about a year at refrigerated temperatures.”

OvaEasy Egg Crystals have been specially processed using our unique technology to achieve long shelf-life. And since we’re a military supplier, we use the US Army Labs shelf-life tests based on the most advanced academic research.

We’ve also used the same tests on regular powdered eggs and the results show significant degradation and browning after just 1.5 years of accelerated testing.



A lab analysis shows high levels of the molecules furasone, pyranose and pentosine. These molecules are by-products of ‘browning’ reactions (Maillard reactions) and other chemical reactions. These reactions severely degrade the nutritional value of the proteins in the egg powder.


A lot of academic research has been done on these browning reactions and they all show serious problems in nutrition and digestibility.

“The Maillard, or nonenzymatic browning reaction between reducing sugars and proteins is known to cause serious deterioration of the nutritional quality of foods during processing and storage.” Physiological, Toxicological, and Nutritional Aspects of Various Maillard Browned Proteins

“… browning reactions of amino acids and proteins with carbohydrates, oxidized lipids, and oxidized phenols cause deterioration of food during storage and processing. The loss in nutritional quality and potentially in safety is attributed to destruction of essential amino acids, decrease in digestibility, inhibition of proteolytic and glycolytic enzymes, interaction with metal ions, and formation of anti-nutritional and toxic compounds.” Food Browning and Its Prevention: An Overview

Our OvaEasy Egg Crystals last 7 years and we have the test results to prove it. Powdered eggs last 1 to 1.5 years at best before serious degradation and browning occurs.

This is part of the reason why the US Army and Navy no longer use old powdered eggs. Our soldiers deserve better…and so does your family.


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