Our Mission

To transform how you think of water treatment products utilizing state of the art technology designed to be healthier and better. We are a family owned business that’s passionate about all things water. We strive to offer every customer leading edge water filtration, preparation, maintenance solutions, and water treatment products that revolutionize the way you use your water. We truly understand that H2O is the most important compound on Earth.

Every product we design, develop, and create uses the most advanced cutting edge equipment and technology, backed by extensive scientific research and testing. We strive to offer affordable products that are the best in their class.

Whether you’re looking for humidifier drops designed to inhibit slimy bacterial buildup, reduce scaling and maintenance or you want a more natural method to clarify, balance and avoid harmful chemicals when using your hot tub or to produce safe drinking water and store it long term, Dry Element has got you covered.

All of our products are created with your health and well being in mind. We strive to utilize natural solutions, because we too are a part of making a better world. From water filtration products to advanced water storage solutions, Dry Element is passionate about making your life easier.

With over 40 years of combined team experience in the water business, we offer a unique perspective on how we develop products, operate and serve our customers.

All of our products are built and designed with your ultimate satisfaction as our goal.

Every product designed and sold by Dry Element is made in the USA utilizing the highest quality materials with a unique and innovative approach to science.

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