Things you can do now to prepare for the coming destruction

Wow, so far 2016 has been one wild year for financial markets.1-4

As I (and many) have been warning for months, the financial markets are in big trouble and a major decline could happen at any time.  Well it looks like the time is now.

Commodities continue their deflationary plunge with oil briefly breaking $30 bbl.  Copper, Iron Ore and many other commodities are plunging as world demand shrinks in the face of a dramatic worldwide economic slowdown

Treasury bond yields plunged as investors sought the perceived safety of U.S. debt. There is no way the Fed will lower interest rates any time soon in the face of plunging world markets.

World economic growth is slowing , mainly in China and other emerging market countries. Over 20 global stock markets are already in bear markets. The strong U.S. dollar makes repayment of debts denominated in dollars more costly to foreign countries. There is major stress going on with the banks.

Since the end of the 2008 financial crisis, investors have come to believe that central banks will always come to the rescue every time the markets stumble. That confidence is now being shaken.

China’s surprise devaluation of their currency has roiled world financial markets as other countries have or are expected to do the same to remain competitive resulting in a currency war.

How to Survive The Next Economic Collapse.

How can you prepare for an economic collapse? The dollar is losing value, gas prices are high, food prices are high and millions of people had lost their jobs. On the other hand, the good news is there is no need to panic. Even through ruff economic times and chaos there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I will give you some basic tips on how to get ready and weather the strong economic storm that is sweeping this nation.

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  1. If you have money in cash investments like a savings account, cd’s, money market funds and retirement plans with stocks and bonds in it. They might be worthless in the economic collapse.
  2. Instead of putting money in a money market account, cd’s or savings account. You should take your money out of all these investment vehicles and exchange all your cash for gold and sliver coins. Gold and sliver is a hedge against the dollar. When the dollar loses value, gold and sliver stays equal with inflation.
  3. If you still want to put money in the stock market. I would buy etf’s that invest in commodities. You can also buy defensive stocks that pay dividends and have steady cash flow. If you want to make big money then, purchase some stock options. You can make money when a stock is going down. When you see your stock declining, use a put option or short your stock.
  4. In a economic collapse we will also have to face a food shortage. You might want to stock up on a lot of dry food and can food . Another idea is growing your own garden.
  5. Are you afraid of losing your job, then start a part-time business. I lost 2 jobs during this recession. I’m warning you, your job is not recession proof. If you want to start making money part-time, then join a network marketing company or affiliate program. You can also sell products on e-bay or start blogging and writing articles.
  6. Research the great depression. If you go to the library, look up books on the great depression or economic collapse. You should make a plan, on how to survive an economic collapse. If you watch the news, don’t believe every thing you see. The news today are filled with lies. I think you need to do your own research.
  7. It’s important to pay off all your debt, Instead of buying things with credit cards, use cash. You don’t want to carry any type of liabilities in an economic collapse. You should sell your vehicles and house or any thing that has payments attached to them. The last resort if your deep in debt, is to file for bankruptcy. Going bankruptcy might be a hard thing to consider, but it’ better then being in debt going into a depression.
  8. Get to know your neighbors and get names, phone numbers and addressee’s. If you get to know your neighbors, then you will have some one to barter with in the coming collapse. If you live in a large neighbor hood , also buy personal protection like a gun or security installment in your home. When buying a gun buy booth a rifle and a hand gun. The rifle will be used for hunting.
  9. Buy items you can use for barter like, blankets, vitamins, tabacco, liquor, wood, fuel, food from your garden, ammo, tape, car parts, guns, boots and medicine. You should look for items you have in your garage and around the house. You need to have items you can barter on hand, just incase you run out of money.
  10. Take some survival classes so you can know what to do in the economic collapse. You will be better aware of economics and world problems when they come. If you have family members you are close to, then get them involved with you.
  11. The biggest thing people are worried about, is the banks failing and people are very concerned about their money. If you want to put your money in a institution where it’s safe, then join a credit union. The credit union survived the great depression and several recessions. Credit unions was created because the founders did not like how banks were treating it’s costumers. Banks were charging high fees and were in it to make profit. Democrat officials formed credit unions so people won’t become victims of the banking system.
  12. Last thing is you need a plan to survive the economic collapse is to take action. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people out there only believe what they want to believe.  They don’t want to believe that a great economic crisis is coming, and so when it does happen they are going to be absolutely blindsided by it. If you don’t want to end up dependent on the government, you should heed the warning signs and you should use this time to prepare for the hard times that are coming.