The Real State Of The Union

The Real State Of The Union

April 7, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin

The following is perhaps the ‘real’ state of the union, provided by an astute MSB reader,


State of the Union:

-The stock market is over inflated and is due for a massive correction (2016).

-$19.1 Trillion National Debt. A debt impossible to repay.

-The Federal Budget and a congress unwilling to pass a budget resolution.

-A Federal Budget deficit every yearly cycle. Spending money we don’t have.

-Bailouts, bank failures and municipality/county bankruptcies on the rise.

-Over 46 Million people on the food stamp roles.

-The US Welfare Programs are failing and our Congress pays no attention.

-$95 Trillion in Unfunded Mandates and soon will exceed our total assets.

-Unemployment is at 5.5%? Experts say it is more like 23% or more.

-Labor force participation rate at a 38-year low, 62.6 percent.

-Low interest rates are fueling new housing and financial bubbles.

-Trillions in Currency Derivatives at risk when the Euro crashes.

-China is working very hard for a “One World Currency”.

-Almost all world commodities have fallen in the past year. WTI oil at $37.10/bl.

-Scandals and coverups have escalated in recent years in Washington.

-Middle East turmoil/terrorism and Russian aggression are winning.

-Major defense cutbacks and troop withdraws have weakened our defenses.

-Massive government expansion and an increase in Passive Martial Law.

-The slow transition to a “Police State” and Full Martial Law a strong potential.

-The Misery Index and the lie that it is.

-The constant assault on our Second Amendment Rights from the Left.

-The implementation of the Affordable Heath Care Act—an American Tragedy.

-America, a cesspool of liars, thieves, murderers, perverts and psychopaths.

-The rise of Islam in our own Government. Americans are gravely concerned.

-A systematic takeover of TV and the Internet. A potential to be used against us.

-Cyber Warfare is on the rise from our enemies as well as breaches of security internally from within.
A negative summation to say the least and an obvious conclusion. America is still the most free and prosperous country on the planet but for how long?

There is a dramatic increase in the need to prepare and provide for our families due to moral, social and economic issues that confront our nation. Millions of Americans have recognized this and are preparing for the coming storm. As a result, the new “Prepper” industry is booming; an indicator that concerned citizens and patriots know that there is trouble on the horizon.