Baking Wheat Bread Without Modern Stoves

Most people have been exposed to baking wheat bread at some point in their lives.  Normally it is done with the use of a modern cook stove or a bread maker.  The bread probably came out great.  But what happens when those modern conveniences are no longer available.

Suppose you want a nice soft, warm, loaf of good wheat homemade bread and you have the ingredients.  You don’t want bannock, hardtack, Johnnycake, cornbread or any of the other breads our ancestors ate. So how do you go about baking wheat bread without a stove?

There are several methods that you can use and most of them are fairly easy.  If you are down to the bare essentials you can make bannock.   Bannock an Easy Bread to Cook this can even be cooked directly on the coals of an open campfire.

If you have a Dutch oven, you have it made.  Dutch Oven Cooking with Charcoal  If you lack charcoal you can use hot coals from your fire, but this will take a bit more experimenting.

Don’t forget about solar ovens, they can do the job just as well as your modern stove, it just takes a little longer. Solar Cooking Tips 

If you only have one large cooking pan you can use the method shown in the following link. Baking Bread Without an Oven  If you have two pans, one that will fit inside the other it is even easier.  Mix your bread and place it inside the smaller pan.  Put water inside the larger pan and set it on the fire.  When the water boils set the smaller pan inside and put the lid on the larger pan.  The steam will cook the bread and you will get a very nice round loaf.  You may have to add water occasional.

The Wonder Oven is another solution. You merely heat the bread up by one of the other methods and then place it inside the Wonder Oven to finish cooking.  Wonder Oven Bread 

This is just a summary of various ways to cook bread.  In the near future, we will write individual blogs on each of these methods with more information.  In the meantime don’t be afraid to try one of them and let us know how you do.