How To Save Extra Prescription Meds For Preparedness April 19, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin

One concern for the preparedness-minded among us is that of their prescription medications, and whether or not there are ways to accumulate extra for ‘just in case’. This is a legitimate concern for many people who rely on medications for their health, and who would like a stash of meds stored away – just like they store extra food…extra-prescription-meds

Here’s how to do it:

This method may depend on the drug itself, and your insurance company, but it works… so long as you take proactive measures to make it work.

You can save up extra prescription meds by refilling as early as they will let you. They all let you refill before you literally have one pill left.

How do you find out the earliest day that you can refill your prescription?
Ask your pharmacist (they deal directly with the insurance company).
Ask (call) your insurance company. They will tell you.

Here’s an example:
Lets say you take a blood pressure medication, and you get them filled for a 90-day supply. You may discover that you can refill your prescription after 68 days – which will effectively get you 22 extra pills. See how that works?

The key is to refill on that earliest possible day rather than waiting until you’re almost out.
Lets hear your examples or ways that you’ve discovered to acquire extra prescription medications so as to build up a bit of a ‘stash’ for preparedness ‘just in case’…


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