PVS14's and All other Night Vision Devices

FOM or the Figure of Merit, is a number calculated by multiplying the Signal-to-noise ratio by the resolution of a night vision image intensifier. FOM number allows quickly estimate general performance level of the specific night vision image intensifier, and consequently the night vision device built around it.

Thin-filmed and Unfilmed – Which is better? Which is more recoil proof, if indeed one is better than the other?
As for better, unfilmed has an approx 20% better light gathering ability vs. thin filmed, but ONLY in extreme low light with no moon, tree cover etc. Remember, all NV tubes are light amplification devices and need some sort of light to amplify.
L3 tells us their filmless is actually more recoil proof than their thin filmed counterparts which is remarkable. Several years back, it was the quite the opposite. That said we do NOT recommend a PVS-14 to go on anything higher than a 6.8SPC due to it’s housing it not being built for high recoil.

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