The Warning Signs Are Everywhere – The System Is Toxic

The Warning Signs Are Everywhere – The System Is Toxicthe-system-is-toxic

July 7, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin

History is being made, and people aren’t paying attention to it. And they need to.

We are seeing a massive move into the debt market (the so called ‘safety’ of debt).
We are seeing the monetary metals take off (gold and silver).
We are seeing back door bailouts all over the place.
We have the entire financial system which is insolvent.
World central banks are insolvent and they are illiquid.
The whole system is going down.

There is going to be a moment when all of this corrects to fair value.

The warning signs are everywhere – from our financial system to our corrupt political system, and everything else in-between, the whole system is toxic. It has created a danger to the human race unlike anything we have ever seen before in the history of the world…


I often appreciate and agree with what Gregory Mannarino has to say.

“When the debt bubble pops, millions will die”.
(I believe that he is correct)
The following video segment may be of interest…

Of course I have no idea when this system will crash and burn. I feel in my gut (and am compelled to post it)… I believe that it may be sooner than many think. Will we even make it to the November election? I know I’m speaking to the choir for most of you regular readers, however for those who are new here – don’t let your normalcy bias bite you in the a$$. The current system has been on borrowed time ever since 2008, and this time when it crashes, it’s probably going to be life-changing (and life-ending for many).
So you might ask, “What am I supposed to do with this doom-and-gloom?”

If you feel that any of this might be true (a systemic collapse heading our way), then use your fear, your gut, your instinct, to prepare. To motivate you to take action.

-Food storage
-Anything that helps you to be more self-sustaining
-The tools, the supplies, the means to take care of yourself
-Your security

Read this blog for tons more advice (use the ‘search’ function, read the categories, etc..) and read through the reader comments (tons of great advice buried in there).
Do any of you feel that the time is drawing near?