Why I recommend a rifle caliber pistol for your Vehicle carry gun.

Why I recommend this gun for your carry gun in a vehicle.

  1. A full sized rifle is to large to wield in a vehicle.
  2. A Pistol Caliber is under powered for windshield glass to glass contact.
  3. This weapon has countless modifications available.
  4. If HG3089N-1-largeyou ever find yourself in a situation where law and order has broken down it can give you the necessary firepower to defend yourself.
  5. High Capacity Magazines you can carry several
  6. In a Bug out/in situation the weapon is easier to carry than a full sized rifle.
  7. With ATF Tax Stamp (NFA) you can equip this with a collapsible stock, Caution DON’T do with without the tax stamp, you will go to prison.
  8. Although I love the AR platform, I do not recommend one for a pistol configuration due to the buffer tube.

I own one and they are perfect for vehicle carry, you might want to carry hearing protection.

Check with all your State Laws concerning the carrying of any weapon in your vehicle. Some States do not allow this weapon to be shipped, please check with your local gun store.  This has to ship to another FFL Dealer. 

You can order it here