Report: Feds Take Down Preppers Accused of Stockpiling Guns and Ammunition: “Federal Conspiracy Charges”Houston_Gun_Show_at_the_George_R._Brown_Convention_Center-e1441293195381


If a Assault Weapons ban is edict-ed by executive order will you be in a position of having planned ahead?

Post Ban expect to see these things possibly happen; I strongly suspect they will.

  1. 20-30 Round Magazines will go from there current price for Magpul P-Mags of $<15.00 to over $75.00
  2. The Regulation of Foreign Military Caliber Ammunition cause dramatic price increases.
  3. Spare Parts for so called Assault Weapons will be hard to find or unavailable.  We sell the DPMS AR-15 repair Kits  Click Here
  4. Right Now Lower Receivers for an AR-15 are $<100.00, buy some spares today.
  5. Expect the Government to purchase up all  surplus military caliber ammo. Again causing ammo prices to soar.
  6. Expect to see Federal Taxes on Ammo
  7. Expect to see them try to close the private sale market.
  8. Do not expect the Republicans to save the day.
  9. Do not expect State Governments to protect your rights
  10. Do not Expect the Supreme Court to save the day.

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