10) 6 Gallon Storage Pails with Gamma Seal Lids


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Seal your emergency food or other products in an airtight, leak-proof storage container, and protect your investment. Snap the adapter and 07909-Gamma-Buckets-500x500ring onto the pail, and with a few spins, the removable lid will provide easy access and an airtight seal. These pails and GAMMA SEAL lids are easy to use and a great value. New pails with a 12-inch opening can be transformed into an airtight storage container very easily. The specially designed double gasket system makes using the lids simple. Just snap the outer lid in place, then, screw the inner lid on or off as needed. Great for food storage, pet food, boating and camping supplies, protecting valuables from water damage, and so much more. With Gamma Seal lids, buying in bulk makes more sense than ever because bulk items remain fresh and protected in the pail, while allowing easy filling of everyday containers.

  • 10 – large capacity, stackable 6-gallon pails with handles
  • 10 – Gamma Seal Lids (4 white, 3 blue, and 3 red)
  • Specially engineered two-piece lid
  • Air-tight and leak-proof
  • Easily opened and closed
  • Material meets FDA standards


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