10 PACK EarthScent Fall Pack: Earthscent Refill Packs.


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EarthScent Fall Pack: 10 Earthscent Refill Packs.  THIS IS FOR A 10 PACK

Using the same highly effective, hunting friendly mosquito repellent technology that serious hunters have sworn by for years, we’ve added a new cover scent option to help disguise hunters from a deer’s best defense… his nose.

The new Earth Scent mosquito repellent mats offer the same 15 x 15 ft zone of protection against pesky biting insects as the original ThermaCELL unscented mats – but with the added benefit and convenience of a cover scent.

When heated in any ThermaCELL appliance, the new Earth Scent product both effectively repels mosquitoes and emits a convincing scent of mucky dirt and decaying leaves – a smell designed to mask human odors and linger continuously for up to four hours per mat.

Product Features

  • All ThermaCELL models use the same refills.
  • Each cartridge lasts up to 12 hours, and each mat lasts up to 4 hours.
  • Mat has mosquito repellent and earth scent in it.
  • Refills can be stored for long periods of time. Cartridges and mats don’t need to be used all at one time. For example, one could use the cartridge and mat for an hour a day. Simply turn the unit off and restart when ready. If time between use will be more than a 1 week, store the mat in a dry, dark place.
  • The repellent, allethrin, is a synthetic analog (chemical copy) of a naturally occurring insecticide, pyrethrin, found in the pyrethrum flower, a member of the chrysanthemum family.




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