Geiger Radiation Counter Test Card with sample ore


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The Geiger Radiation Counter Test Card Ideal for testing all sorts of radiation detection equipment, our inexpensive Geiger Counter Test Sample is handy, easy to use, and safe. It consists of a card with a small radioactive source attached to the back. The card is enclosed in 4 mil plastic making it waterproof and durable. The card does not need to be removed from the plastic enclosure to use. Simply place your radiation detection instrument (or its probe) on the rear of the card and you will instantly know if your geiger counter is operating. The Geiger Counter Test Sample provides low level Gamma & Beta radiation which is easily picked up by common radiation detectors.
Works with all standard geiger counters.

Note – The Test Sample will work with the common yellow CDV-700 Civil Defense units, which are true Geiger Counters.
However, it will not work with the old Survey Meters, such as the CDV-715 or CDV-717. These are not Geiger Counters, they are very high range Survey Meters and as such, can only be tested with very high (and lethal) levels of radiation.


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