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NOTE:  The legs are UPS oversized items and will likely arrive 2-3 days later than the other parts which ship in a smaller box.  Please allow for 5 extra days of delivery before emailing us.  You will get the parts, we have very few lost or damage claims.

The gong stand was designed to be easy to use yet very robust.  The stand is easily taken down using the supplied locking pins.  The targets are suspended from the stand using 3/8” AR500 gong mounts.  The mounts are free to spin around the stand which prevents chain from being tangled when using heavy loads.  The construction of the stand is 14ga steel tube in both square and round sections.

Select a target option- If you select a target to add on from the options list, you will receive the target you selected, mounting hardware, 1/2″ bolt kit, and a set of rubber chain to mount the target. This is everything you need to have a complete gong set up.

An added bonus to the stand is that no staking is required.  Even with the heaviest loads the stand will not tip.

The 36″ gong stand works best with smaller targets, up to 12″ round or the 7×11.8. Targets larger than this should be used with the 60″x60″ gong stand. The 12″x20″ targets require the 60″ gong stand.

The 60”x60” gong stands work great for the larger targets, 16” round, 12×20 and 18×30.  They may also be used for smaller targets.

Dimensions listed are the width of the cross-member and length of the legs.

Stand does not include quick links, chain, or target- they are however an option. Options are listed below the product. Stand is not designed for 50BMG targets.

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