Heavy Duty Grover Rocket Stove: A Minimal Wood Using Cooking Stove


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Heavy Duty Grover Rocket Stove: A Minimal Wood Using Cooking Stove

This is the most heavy duty rocket stove that you can get on the market today and it is new for our customers.  It is made of mostly 11 gauge cold rolled steel with a 5 year warrantee under normal use and conditions.  This 17 lb. rocket stove is built like a rock and you won’t be disappointed in owning it.

What do you do when your propane runs out, and you don’t have large quantities of wood to devote to cooking? Of course you need some alternate source of combustible material. Wood works great but in conventional wood burning stoves you will waste a great deal of wood in heat energy that didn’t go towards cooking the food. This Heavy Duty Grover Rocket Stove eliminated that problem entirely by allowing you to use small twigs, leaves, and pretty much any dry plant matter will do, such as weeds, dry sage brush, etc.

Highlights of the Heavy Duty Grover Rocket Stove:

•   Really Heavy Duty Cold Rolled Steel with the inner chamber made of 11 gauge steel (1/8″).  Double the thickness of the original Grover Rocket Stove
•   Stands around 13 inches tall. – Top surface 8″ wide with corner to corner being 11 inches wide.  Widest area of stove 13 inches wide with the handle and tongue.
•  Weighs around 17 lbs. and is made entirely of steel with insulation inside.
•   Insulated with perlite which will never brake as clay does!
•  A steel handle for easy portability and dumping of ashes.
•  Portable fun for the kids to cook hot dogs, or to boil water, or cook serious meals.
•  Burns extremely efficient, you can cook a meal with extremely small amount of wood.
•  Aluminum 7″ top plate accessory included to even out the heat on your cooking pot and for using small cans or pots for cooking.
•  Made in the 

There always seems to be a lot of twigs and small branches in yards with trees, and in camp sites but no large firewood in sight. But as we’ve discussed, that’s not a problem for this Heavy Duty Grover Rocket Stoves, you can burn anything that’s dry from grass, to bark! This rocket stove is designed for cooking purposes and not for heating spaces. The Heavy Duty Grover Rocket Stove is insulated inside to force the heat out the top where your cooking.

These Heavy Duty Grover Rocket Stoves are made right here in the USA and are built to last a lifetime. These are high quality steel stoves made entirely in the USA from steel produced in the USA. and are painted with black high temperature paint to withstand the heat. 


Popularity of the Grover Rocket Stoves

The popularity of this type of stove is rapidly rising in the United States and other areas of the world due to excessive energy costs. With the obvious growing economic unrest we are experiencing people are flocking to ideas such as the Grover Rocket Stove to ensure they’ll be eating hot meals no matter how bad their economic situation becomes.

Description of the Heavy Duty Rocket Stoves

These Heavy Duty Grover Rocket Stoves have a rounded steel bar for a handle bar for easy transporting. There is a flat tongue inside feeding entrance where the wood is fed that allows air to draw underneath the wood to fan the fire. This particular rocket stove has a 7″ square aluminum accessory plate that can be placed on top that is great for evening out the heat when cooking and also  great for smaller cooking pots or cans that normally wouldn’t fit on the top of the stove. 

Rocket Stoves for Hot Meals in Hard Times

At a picnic one time we used three quarters of a 4 gallon bucket with wood and cooked for 5 hours and ate hotdogs, corn on the cob, potatoes and marshmallows. When starting a fire in the rocket stove, don’t over stuff it being that you want air flow to get the fire going. A small piece of rolled up paper or some dried leaves can get it started and you can use small twigs and branches or wood that you’ve split with a hatchet to feed the fire.

How to Light a Fire in Grover Rocket Stoves

Lighting a fire in these rocket stoves usually takes only one match, but it will take a little practice to get use to building fires in them. Wad up two or three small pieces of paper and drop them down the top of your Rocket Stove so that they can drop right to the bottom of the rocket stove. Next put two pieces ¼ inch by 7 inch kindling in the feed hole and drop a couple of additional one inch size wads of paper down the top. You can also drop two or three 4 inch long and ¼ inch diameter kindling pieces of wood down the top to get it started. Next roll up a piece of newspaper or start a twig on fire, and put it into the rocket stove under the plate into the bottom chamber, this chamber is used as the air intake after the fire gets going. If you have a shortage of newspaper, you can use junk mail/magazines etc, which for us is a virtually endless supply. Experimenting with lighting your Heavy Duty Grover Rocket Stove you will find new ways of keeping it going. I have found that after the chamber heats up you can increase the size of your wood (if you have access to larger pieces) so you won’t have to tend it as much. Also I have found before placing any pots on top, give it a few minutes to burn until the there is some hot ashes inside, otherwise you might cause the fire to smother causing it to smoke more. Everyone develops their own method for getting a fire going in their Grover Rocket Stoves that will work best for your outdoor cooking.

When you are finished cooking and your H. D. Grover Rocket Stove has cooled down, you can use the handle and gently bump the tongue on the ground to dump out the ashes and is ready to use again for your next meal.


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