Arrow-Tech dosimeters


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Arrow-Tech dosimeters are rugged, precision instruments about the size of a pocket fountain pen, which are used to measure accumulative doses or quantities of gamma & X-ray  radiation. A metal clip is used to attach the dosimeter to an individual’s pocket or to any available object in an area to be monitored for total radiation exposure. It is pocket-size, conductive-fiber electroscope with an ion chamber for detecting and indication integrated exposure to gamma and x-radiation. It has a thin wall which permits the penetration and detection of radiation


Arrow-Tech Model

All model cane be ordered with the added protective Sapphire Window to protect the lens from being scratched.



There are price breaks for volume orders.


0 – 200mR 138
0 – 2 mSv 138-S
0 – 500mR 500
0 – 5 mSv 500-S
0 – 2R 720
0 -5R 725
0 – 50  mSv 725 S
0 – 20R 730
0 – 100R 740
0 – 200R 742
0 -600R 746


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