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The 9 series snowshoes use spring-loaded™ suspension for natural articulation of the foot over uneven and sidehill terrain, flexing the men’s and women’s specific shapes of the 6061 aluminum proprietary V-frame. With each step, SLS gives the All-Trac™ toe crampon deeper purchase, and the new tempered steel Tri-Cleat offers 360 degree traction under your heel. The flexible Wrapp™ men’s and women’s bindings tighten easily and cradle the foot securely. Even in the dead cold of winter, the Nytex decking is both flexible and durable. The 9 Series and Elektra 9 Series are built to explore winter’s rolling terrain.

  • 925: 25" size, 176 sq. in. surface area, weighs 3.56 lbs., 120-200 lb. load.
  • 930: 30" size, 222 sq. in. surface area, weighs 3.93 lbs., 150-250+ lb load.
  • E923: 23" size, 145 sq. in. surface area, weighs 3.26 lbs., 80-160 lb load.
  • E927: 27" size, 176 sq. in. surface area, weighs 3.38 lbs., 120-200+ lb. load.
  • Kit includes: bag and poles.
  • Poles: 6000 series aluminum extendable to 130 cm

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