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Flat Blast Hatch

Add a hatch to the top of your basement safe room for clandestine entry from a bedroom upstairs and a second emergency egress point. If you have a malicious person at the door, you need another way out.

Our hatches feature the same massive hinge and cam latch found on our ballistic and blast doors. Internal stiffeners give it 82 PSI blast resistance and the optional 3/8 ballistic plate gives it the same UL 752, level 8 protection as the ballistic doors.

They have lift struts that assist opening, the same EPDM closed cell door seal that is compressed between the hatch lid and frame, and a deadbolt lock for controlling access to your safe room.

This is one of our hatches mounted on a wall of a refuge chamber made for an offshore oil platform. If there were a detonation, fire, storm, or terrorist attack, the workers would enter through this hatch to shelter in place.

Note the pipe cap on the outside. Under it is the deadbolt lock that gives you access control when you are not in your safe room. The deadbolt is keyed on the outside and keyless on the inside.

We also make a riser hatch that has an integral riser so you can backfill around it.

This is the inside of the same hatch.

Note the lift strut on the top, the tension adjustable rotating cam latch handle on the left, the deadbolt lock below it, and the pull handle.

The stiffeners keep the blast lid flat and resists nearby detonations.

The lift strut can be moved to either side by the end user – we put mounting brackets on both sides.

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