Becon Power M4 Plus


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The 4 kW Grid-tied PV Power Conversion System M5 Plus includes the charge controller (MPPT), inverter, PV ground fault protection, switchgear, and display all in one outdoor rated enclosure allowing for

  • Energy Export capabiltities to the utiltity grid
  • Stand-alone operation during utility grid failure
  • Integrated, compact single-box solution
  • Computer interface software (Smart Power Monitor)

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  • High efficiency for better performance and faster payback
  • Instantaneous switching to back-up power mode
  • Continuous power even when the grid goes down
  • Fully integrated, single-box solution for easy and attractive installation
  • Compact outdoor-rated enclosure for better weatherproofing
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking for better performance
  • Battery charge from grid
  • Front panel LCD display
  • User-friendly Smart Power Monitor software
  • Flooded battery support (Equalize Capability)

All of the above, plus:

  • Adjustable setpoints to optimize system performance
  • User-friendly programming and flexible operating modes
  • Patented anti-islanding technology
  • RS485 serial communications link
  • Shippable via UPS ground

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Weight 145 lbs


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