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Bogart Engineering PM-100D PentaMetric Battery Monitor/Meter Display Unit

The PentaMetric battery system monitor provides comprehensive and flexible battery monitoring for a variety of different types of battery systems which are charged by solar, wind or generators. It is intended to be most useful for systems which are regularly charged and partially discharged, rather than backup power systems that are only rarely called upon to be discharged, such as uninterruptible power systems (UPS).

The system can monitor up to two battery banks simultaneously with a common negative connection. A typical application would be to monitor a lead acid battery system with capacity of from 10 to 10000 amp hours, with system voltage from 12 to 48 volts, with one or more charging systems, such as a solar array, wind power, or generator system, and which is partially discharged daily by loads powered through an inverter. Its purpose is to provide the user with:

  • Information necessary to check that the batteries and charging system are operating correctly
  • To keep users informed about how much energy is in the battery system at any time
  • To anticipate and identify problems before they cause a loss of service.

The PentaMetric battery monitor system offers a lot more capability than the TriMetric monitor. It measures 1 or 2 battery systems with a common negative. With one battery system, battery current plus two charging sources/loads can be measured.

The Pentametric System consists of these components:

1. Data input unit to collect, process and log data (near batteries)
2. Optional readout unit (shown above) with 2 line LCD display and control buttons. This connects to input unit with 4 wire cable up to 1000 feet away.
3. Optional computer interface with software to control and read out all data. Data may be accessed and controlled using either (or both) the optional LCD or the computer interface.




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