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Cast Iron Waffle Maker By Texsport – The Texsport cast iron waffle cooker is another great find with its supporting cradle that makes it so easy to flip from side to side for cooking, as well as aiding the distribution of heat evenly over the bottom of the cooker. The two halves of the main cooking body fit comfortably on top of the round cast iron cradle with the small ball ends fitting into an impression on one end making a swivel hinge, and holding the two halves together. You have just one easy motion to flip your cast iron waffle maker to bake the second side!

This Texsport Waffle Cooker works great in camp or at home. It makes a nice large plate size, 7 inch waffle. It measures a total length, including the cradle, of 18 inches. The cast iron cradle measures 10 inches in diameter, and fits neatly over your burner. A great feature of the Texsport waffle iron is its attractive 7 inch wooden handles which won’t conduct the cooking heat to your hands.

We are proud to offer Texsport’s Cast Iron Waffle Iron as a wonderful alternative to non-stick waffle irons. Cast iron is rugged, durable, and long lasting with no coated surface to flake off or wear out with use. It has greater heat distribution and retention than most other cookware which means it cooks evenly and keeps food warm longer. After seasoning your Texsport Cast Iron Waffle Maker, it is a snap to clean. It is made in China.

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