Countdown – A Guide For Surviving The Urban Apocalypse (Paperback) By Justin Thyme


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Countdown – A Guide For Surviving The Urban Apocalypse (Paperback)

It would take only one unthinkable event to disrupt your way of life. A terrorist attack, a global pandemic, or sharp currency devaluation, and you would be forced to fend for yourself in ways you’ve never dreamed of. By the end of this book, you won’t have a headful of useless information that you’ll soon forget, but rather, dozens of new and practical urban-survival skills that will be hard-wired into your brain. Survival is more than just creating a solar still and rubbing sticks together. It is about using your knowledge base to improvise and become a tactical thinker. Of course this book will cover the basics, such as food and water storage, but it will also teach you black-market bartering techniques, hand-to-hand combat, weapons of choice, how to survive during a riot, and how to become a “stunt-double” driver if being followed or in the event of an attempted carjacking. It will also discuss developmental psychology in relation to coping with a disaster, veterinary antibiotics that can be used in place of human antibiotics during a crisis, protecting against nuclear fallout, as well as emergency heating, cooking, lighting, power, and much more. I promise a good kick in the pants as a wake-up call to all those that are still in dreamland that are not yet driven to prepare. I hope that after reading this book you will become a survival warrior, willing to stop at nothing in order for you and your family to survive!

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  • Published on: 2012-08-03
  • Original language: English
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  • Binding: Paperback
  • 452 pages


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