American Safe Room Emergency backup hand crank


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Emergency backup hand crank

Emergency backup hand pumpThis hand operated air pump mounts on the wall above the Safe Cell at a convenient height and is operated by rotating the handle. It is used to draw filtered air into a protected space during a long term power outage.

Turning the hand crank at 60 revolutions per minute (RPM) will give a blower output of 250 cubic feet per minute (CFM). When attached to a Safe Cell, the bank of filters imparts a resistance to the airflow that reduces it to a complete system output of 60 CFM.

American Safe Room customers have been asking us for years to come out with a hand operated blower. The task proved more difficult than just finding some ready mad hand cranked blower and adapting to our Safe Cell filtration units.

The airflow and static pressure requirements of the new Safe Cell blower proved to be far greater than anything found off the shelf. Our only solution was to go out and buy the necessary production machinery and make our own blowers.

Our ASR-100 hand cranked blower may be mounted in any position and features solid steel gears made from A-36 steel, riding in heavy duty oil-lite impregnated bronze bearings, 1/8-inch thick steel side plates for the gearbox cases and blower housings made from ABS with a matched high velocity forward curved impeller made from Dielectrite 44-10 HG .


Hand crank airflow chartThe hand crank blower will put out up to 250 CFM. Note that this is not the system output when installed on a Safe Cell.


Hand pump extended


What’s included with this item

One hand crank.
One section of hose.
Four concrete wedge anchors.
One hard copy of the manual.


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