Faraday Defense ESD/EMP 7.0MIL Material 1 Yards X 36″ Wide


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This aluminized moisture barrier bag is designed to provide a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices.  A stronger polyester layer (Heavy Gauge) helps prevent sharp objects from puncturing and destroying the effectiveness of the bag.  The bags are heat sealable and suitable for vacuum packaging.  

– 2 Aluminum metal layers in this 5-layer bag provide maximum EMP bag protection

– 33 lb puncture resistance (FTMS 101-C, 2065.1)

– >40db EMI Attennuation (MIL-PFR-81705-REV.D)

– Surface Resistivity 12 Ohms / Sq. In. (ASTM 1-257)

– 7 mil Thickness (MIL-STD-3010C Method 1003)

– Moisture Barrier (MIL-STD-3010C Method 3030)

Heat Sealing Conditions:

– Temparature (400 degrees F, 204 degrees C)

– Time (.6 to 4.5 seconds)

– Pressure (30 – 70 PSI, 206-482 KPa)

All statements, technical information, and recommendations related to Faraday Defense’s products are based on information believed to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed. Before using this product, you must evaluate it and determine if it is suitable for your intended application. You assume all risks and liability associated with such use. Any statements related to the product which are not contained in Faraday Defense’s current publications, or any contrary statements contained on your purchase order shall have no force or effect unless expresslyagreed upon, in writing, by an authorized officer of Faraday Defense.

Faraday Defense will not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss or damage arising from this product, regardless of the legal theory asserted.

7.0 mil Moisture Barrier 5-layer EMP bag offers the most protection in a single bag on the market today!  11,500 PSI tensile strength, 33lb puncture resistance, and >40db EMI attenuation, offer great protection for your items. Tested to meet or exceed certain electrical and physical requirements of ANSI/ESD S541, and to be ANSI/ESD S20.20 compliant.  Bags are ROHS compliant and lead-free.


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