Fire Pack – Rediscovering Old Ways Fire DVDs: Vol 1 + 2


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Fire Pack – Rediscovering Old Ways Fire DVDs: Vol 1 + 2
Fire Pack - Rediscovering Old Ways Fire DVDs: Vol 1 + 2



This DVD is an excellent step-by-step guide to creating fire.

If you are inspired about making fire and are looking for a clear “how to” video, this one is for you. Tom and Glen of the Midwest Skills Institute are clear and detailed with their instructions and demonstrations.

In this Volume they cover fire lays, flint and steel, bow drill, and hand drill. I really like how they detail three stages of learning for each method: first at home with modern tools and supplies, second with a knife and whatever you can find, and third truly primitive with no modern materials.

You need every advantage when learning to create fire the old way and these guys make it accessible even if you live in the city and don’t have access to woods. The instruction is geared toward the beginner, but there are lots of hints and gems for the experienced fire maker.

I learned several new things from this video including how to use a two stick notchless fireboard with bow drill.

The flint and steel section has great hints and information that I have never seen before. Tom and Glen are not inspiring actors, but they clearly have tons of dirt time and experience teaching these skills.

Fire Volume 1 is a little cheesy at times, but the picture and sound quality is excellent and the relaxed down home style is effective.

I recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to learn primitive fire skills at home.

Content Highlights:

  • Excellent fire lay building instruction
  • Flint & Steel (clear explanation of technique and great char cloth making tips)
  • Bow Drill (at home, with knife, full primitive)
  • Hand Drill (at home, with knife, full primitive)


Fire Volume 2 presents 40 ways to make fire without matches.

Tom and Glen are back with a few advanced pointers on the techniques from Volume 1 but the bulk of Volume 2 explores new creative ways to make fire.

If you are a pyromaniac or true fire geek, this is your video.

Many of the methods shown are not practical or easy to do so this DVD lends itself more to people who just love to make fire in lots of different ways. I love how Tom and Glen emphasize creativity and using what you can find in the modern world as well as nature. My favorite moment from the video is when Glen makes a coal with a fire plow.

You may remember the fire plow method from watching Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away. This method is very difficult and Glen rocks it. I’ve never seen anyone do it before on video or live, so that was pretty cool. The Fire Piston is also really sweet.

I don’t know if I will ever use any of these methods in the field. I guess you never know when you will need fire and all you have is a car headlight, some cotton cloth, and a battery. I recommend this DVD to real fire geeks everywhere.

Content Highlights:

  • Less-Know Primitive Fire Methods (fire plow, fire piston, fire thong, pumpdrill)
  • Lenses and Reflectors (magnifying glass, mirrors, bags, cans, puddles)
  • Electrical (using batteries of all kinds to make fire)
  • Chemical (using household and automotive chemicals, magnesium, etc.)

Reviewed by Mike Prince, Wilderness Awareness Instructor


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