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This great sieve is here to help you in gardening, landscaping, agricultural, construction and so many other ways. It has well placed grips with meshed bottom, which with few horizontal shakes will separate different size articles from one another.

This sieve is lightweight (3 lbs.)with a mesh screen which resists water, rust, oil, chipping, peeling and denting. It is rugged and will last for many years.

Not the composting accessory you’re looking for?

Easy to clean, just simply rinse the gardening sieve off with water hose and let it dry.

This gardening sifter screen will help you to separate and clean good soil & compost from debris, coarse materials. twigs, clump, rocks, dead roots, weeds, stones, leaves, etc.

Dimensions: Approx 16.5″ x 24.5″ (Approx screen area 13.75″ x 21.75″)

Weight: Approx 3 lbs

Screen size: 1/2 inch screen opening.

Gardening Sieve Uses:

1. Prepares desired clean and soft soil & compost for planting in general gardening.

2. Cultivates the soil containing stones to improve and retain water drainage.

3. Evenly spreads different type of fertilizers, potting mix, top dressing and seeds.

4. Helps to make soil desirable for delicate roots so plants and flowers grow faster and healthier.

5. Cleans yards, garden beds and flower boxes.

6. Could be very helpful to clean beaches and sandboxes in the playgrounds from sharp edge items and debris.

7. Because of air circulation it could be used for storing fruits and vegetables.

8. Separates from mixture different size stones, gravel, sand, dirt, and cement for concrete and masonry small jobs in construction.


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