GMC-600 Plus Geiger Counter Radiation Monitor Alpha, Beta, Gama, X-ray radiation


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Product Description:

New model from GQ Electronics LLC, Seattle, USA

This GQ GMC-600+ Geiger counter is a portable nuclear radiation detector. It detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-Ray Radiation and can be used as a continuous radiation monitor or used as a personal dosimeter.

Nuclear radiation is invisible but threatening to human health, and environmental safety. This meter detects and visualizes the radiation in real-time and records the historical data for future analysis.

The thoughtful design provides easy-to-use basic features as well as advanced features for user to explore.

Installed Tube
4+Operation mode options
WiFi ready for upload data
  • Accumulative dosimeter for personal use
  • Independent calibration
  • Fast reading in a couple of second
  • Data logging record first, playback later
  • Large display provide more information
  • Adjustable backlight and contrast
  • GMC data viewer iOS App
  • Open protocol
  • Swivel display
Feature Demonstrations:
 Items in Package:
  • USB cable – Mini-USB Type B (M) to USB Type C (M)
  • Black Anti Dust Bag
  • One USB driver includes our softwares
  • GMC 600+ Device Unit (Tube installed: LND-7317)
  • User Guide & Safety Card
Product Applications:
Tests foodwater from a polluted environment.

Protects you from overdose X-Ray radiation from hospital/cancer treatment.

Tests antique, building material.

Always a good choice for you to make sure your new house is safe in radiation level.

Perfect choice for analyzing data for science project.

More details and further information:

Please check our Technical Resources for:

  • User interface simulation software
  • Menu interface screen copy
  • Operation model illustration
  • Software interface (window base)


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