Kelly McCann’s Tactical Carbine


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Kelly McCann’s Tactical CarbineTCDVD-Kelly-McCanns-Tactical-Carbine-A-No-Nonsense-Guide-to-the-Combat-Use-of-the-Tactical-Carbine-Kelly-McCann-Jim-Grover-L

A No-Nonsense Guide to the Combat Use of the Tactical Carbine

with Kelly McCann, aka Jim Grover

Employed properly, the tactical carbine is one of the most versatile and powerful weapons available to any citizen, law enforcement officer or military operator. Unfortunately, most carbine courses fail to take advantage of this weapon’s full potential. This explosive video course changes all that. In his often irreverent, in-your-face style, Kelly McCann, aka Jim Grover, explodes the myths and teaches you everything you really need to know about the combat use of the tactical carbine.

Drawing from years of real-world experience, McCann first teaches you how to configure your rifle for maximum performance. He then puts it to work, guiding you through the fundamental skills of combat marksmanship, reloading, immediate action drills, shooting on the move, weapon transitions and pivot shooting. Finally, he shows you how to really push the carbine’s performance envelope by using state-of-the-art optical sights to dramatically increase your shooting speed, monitor and engage multiple threats, and even shoot around and over cover without exposing yourself. These videos are sure to revolutionize your use of this weapon and drastically increase your tactical skills. For information purposes only.

1) Carbine Accessories
2) Binden Aiming Concept
3) Parallax
4) Safety Devices
5) Other Accessories
6) Welcome to the Range
7) Loading
8) Shooting Position
9) Shooting Technique
10) Multiple Shots
11) Averted Vision Shooting
12) Unmounted Shooting
13) Reloading
14) Immediate Action
15) Weapon Transitions
16) Moving and Shooting
17) Pivot Shooting
18) Prone Position
19) Barricade Shooting
20) Supine Position


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