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Turn your cooler into a 12 volt air conditioner!

With KoolerAire’s space saving design air conditioning has become

more portable than ever before! Unlike other brands, KoolerAire is not


restricted by messy hoses, pads, pumps, or water supply! And with 

our wide range of power options you can take KoolerAire anywhere!


Its attractive compact profile, whisper quiet fan, and low power

consumption makes KoolerAire the economical alternative to 12 volt, 

portable air conditioners costing hundreds of dollars!

America’s favorite 12-volt, portable air conditioners!

Since its introduction in 2002 the KoolerAire air conditioner system 

continues to be the best selling, most versatile, portable air conditioner Nationwide! “Our 

formula for success is simple” says KoolerAire’s President. “Reliability, cost effectiveness, quality, 

and performance all backed by the best Guarantee in the business”

Paying a high price Does Not equal a product’s performance!

Don’t be fooled by costly air conditioner imitations! The KoolerAire air conditioner will provide

cooling comfort for hundreds less than “any” 12 volt aire conditioner on the market! Just add ice and

let KoolerAire supply you with ice cold refreshing air… KoolerAire!  

KoolerAire’s New Cooler Adapter fits most sizes up to 72 quarts!

KoolerAire 12 volt air conditioner cooler adapter

                                 Shown with KoolerAire Installed

The KoolerAire conditioner is now more 

versatile than ever before with our custom

designed cooler adapter! Fits most sizes, in

any brand up to 72 quarts! For smaller sizes

simply trim the quality, high density foam for a

snug fit in your favorite cooler! 

Note: Adapter not required when using the

KoolerAire 12 volt air conditioner with either our exclusive foam cooler or the Igloo 25 quart brand.


12 volt air conditioner

KoolerAire’s  release causes other manufacturers to feel the heat!

RV Air Conditioners KoolerAire 12 Volt Portable Marine Air Conditioners

Dan Armitage  of  Trailer  Boat’s  offers insightful  Kool  coverage!

RV Air Conditioners KoolerAire 12 Volt Portable Marine Air Conditioners

KoolerAire  helps  stricken  Florida  residents  to  Keep their Cool!

KoolerAire is a brand New Product that was developed by an outdoorsman who enjoys Camping, Fishing, and Boating. Like you, he searched the web looking for an inexpensive, portable, 12 volt cooling unit with less than favorable results. Frustrated but determined, he made the very first KoolerAire Unit and used it regularly on his boat. Word of this wonderful device began to spread quickly throughout the Marina and soon people were lining up to find out how they could get one themselves!

Without question, KoolerAire is the most portable cooling device you can buy! Unlike other models on the market KoolerAire requires

  • No messy hoses
  • No water supply
  • No bulky package or Additional gear!KoolerAire can be used in any location, under “any” circumstances! Just fill your Igloo 25 quart or Coleman 28 Quart Cooler with ice, insert KoolerAire just inside the top, plug in the 12V adapter plug and enjoy cool, crisp, refreshing air for hours without altering your cooler’s capacity! The powerful, whisper quiet, 100 cfm, brush-less fan works effortlessly while providing you with the cooling comfort of “Ice Cold Air!” Why sweat another night on your boat, in your tent or RV? Why spend hundreds of dollars on one of those other brands only to have messy hoses, cords, or water supply to contend with? Bring KoolerAire along and not only enjoy a cold beverage, but relax in comfort while KoolerAire cools YOU!
RV Air Conditioners KoolerAire 12 Volt Portable Marine Air Conditioners
RV Air Conditioners KoolerAire 12 Volt Portable Marine Air Conditioners


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