Ktor Pocket Socket USB 1AMP Generator


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The Pocket Socket USB 1Amp comes in the same housing as the venerable Pocket Socket 2 that has sold over 35,000 units. It has the same size and weight at 15 oz and about the size of a water bottle.


The Pocket Socket USB 1Amp is the latest hand crank generator to come from K-Tor. It provides power from a standard USB, Universal Serial Bus, socket. It provides this power on this standard interface at up to one amp. It can charge any device that can be charged from a USB. This makes this model the most powerful pocket sized hand crank generator on the market by far. It’s advanced features include a smart chip that converts directly from the generator to the USB 5 volt specified output at a high level of efficiency making this generator the highest power delivered to the USB device being charged and at the lowest possible effort cranking. The smart chip also has electronic current limiting and thermal protection to protect against accidental overloads. This new model now comes with a Velcro strap to attach the body of the unit to the hand holding it so that those with small or weak hands will have no trouble holding it and it takes minimal effort for this hand. The device can also be attached to a solid object.

The Pocket Socket USB 1 Amp is now the preferred solution for USB charging applications.


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