Magnesium Fire Starting Tool


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Magnesium Fire Starting Tool

Product Description

The Original Magnesium Fire Starter tool. Made to exacting U.S. Military SPECS and has long be considered a "must have" necessity in all survival kits. This handy tool is made of SOLID MAGNESIUM with a built-in full-lenght flint sparking insert along the top edge. We have sold 1,000’s and 1,000’s of these high quality fire starters with NEVER a return! You can’t buy a better magnesium fire starter than this.

Magnesium Fire Starter tool will start 100’s of fires in the worst weather conditions. Measures only 3" long x 1" tall x 1/4" wide and WEIGHTS JUST 1.5 ounces. An absolute must to add to EVER survival kit! Order several at this LOW PRICE!

Easy & Simple Fire Starting

Tool is totally WATERPROOF & FIRE-RESISTANT. Each tool can start hundreds of fires. A must for backpackers, hunters, scouts, survival kits, etc. Can even ignite rubber tires to create a distress smoke signal to attract searching aircraft.


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