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20160407_131952[1]The Herbs we’ve listed are certainly not all of those available; we’ve concentrated on the most viable and useful ones. Cost is also a consideration, as many of these seed types cost $3-4,000 per pound. Due to these cost considerations, we’re forced to limit the amount of seeds we include on the most expensive seed types. Where we’re able to do so, we’ve included our standard sixty-six seeds [or more: note seed count on Red Clover, for example] per type. Our list below indicates how many seeds of each type are included; also, we’ll buy back seed from you, after your harvests.

If you’re knowledgeable concerning Medicinal Herbs, you’ll notice that several valuable ones are missing: For example, you’ll note the significant missing “Goldenseal” Herb. Goldenseal has such a low germination rate (20%, at best: minimum two years for basic germination, four years to usable root) that we cannot legitimately include it as a ‘viable medicinal herb’ in this form. Goldenseal is, however, one of the most important Medicinal Herbs in the cornucopia and simply cannot be excluded from any *complete* Medicinal Herb Garden. We are, therefore, offering the rhizome [root propagation] to all Continental US clients at our cost, separate from the Medicinal Garden. Propagation from this method is nearly 100%, but must be planted within a few weeks of receiving and cannot be ‘stored’ for even intermediate periods of time: therefore, we cannot include it in our sealed cans. Additionally, we *cannot* ship Goldenseal outside of the Continental US [no, not even to Hawaii], as it is an Endangered Species and protected by law. Since charges/costs for Goldenseal [as well as availability] varies, please contact us directly for current availability and costs. We regret that we cannot ship this very valuable root to our ‘offshore’ and foreign clients, but that *is* the Law. We plan to do this with Ginseng [American variety] as well; if there are specific seeds you’d like that aren’t listed, contact us and we’ll do our best to secure them for you on a order-by-order basis.

We’ve included fairly extensive information on each Medicinal Herb that can be accessed by clicking on the individual Herb from the list below, including planting information, harvesting, pictures, and a *basic* outline of Medicinal Uses. For those of you that seriously want a viable and useful Medicinal Herb Garden, we strongly advise you to purchase some of the books related to these, several listed below. The “Medical Uses” information listed here are only the basics, and use of tinctures, balms, infusions, and teas are [often] complex concoctions that require knowledge, patience, and an understanding of the medicinal workings of the various herbs involved. Note that *several* of the Medicinal Herbs included are POSIONOUS if not used in the correct manner and proportions. In general, it’s best to start *most* of the Medicinal Herbs in inside starter containers, and many demand special growing conditions. However, remember that these Herbs have been used for centuries and pre-date ‘modern’ allopathic Medicine: our forbearers found these of significant Medicinal value, and many of our ‘modern’ drugs had or have their genesis with these vary Herbs.

Lastly, *NOTHING HERE* should be considered ‘Medical Advice’, nor are any of the remedies/cures listed are to be taken in this context, or are they a substitute for medical care/attention of any kind: we *are not* Medical Doctors and do not give Medical advice, nor should anything written herein be taken in that context.

We *are not* including a growing guide with these cans: because many are medically and psychoactive, we’d have to include *all* the warnings and health information, or we might incur liability for usage. This would make for a very large book that wouldn’t fit in the cans, would only contain partial information, and would raise the costs substantially; therefore, we’re suggesting that you download the individual information pages on each of the Medicinal Herbs, listed on the page to follow. Also, we strongly suggest buying supplemental texts for those truly interested in the Medicinal uses of these plants.

Medicinal Herb Garden Collection List

Evening Primrose (45 Seeds)

Red Lobelia (45 Seeds)

Cancer Weed (45 Seeds)

Mullein Dock (60 Seeds)

Poke Weed (60 Seeds)

Dandelion (60 Seeds)

Hyssop (60 Seeds)

Angelica (45 Seeds)

Black Cumin (60 Seeds)

Lemon Balm (45 Seeds)

Celeriac (60 Seeds)

Clary Sage (45 Seeds)

Chicory (60 Seeds)

Echinacea (100 Seeds)

Horehound (45 Seeds)

Wormwood (45 Seeds)

Lovage (60 Seeds)

Feverfew (50 Seeds)

Milk Thistle (60 Seeds)

Mugwort (50 Seeds)

Saltwort (50 Seeds)

Valerian (45 Seeds)

Wild Bergamot (55 Seeds)

Pleurisy Root (45 Seeds)

Calendula (60 Seeds)

Stinging Nettle (50 Seeds)

St. John’s Wort (60 Seeds)

Borage (60 Seeds)

German Chamomile (100 Seeds)

English Lavender (60 Seeds)

Sweet Fennel (60 Seeds)


Rosemary (60 Seeds)

Lemon Mint (60 Seeds)

Red Clover (1,000 Seeds)

Yarrow (500 Seeds)

Allheal (45 Seeds)

Astragalus (50 Seeds)

Boneset/Comfrey (60 Seeds)

Burdock (60 Seeds)

Coltsfoot (45 Seeds)

Marshmallow (45 Seeds)

Soapwort (50 Seeds)

Shepherd’s Purse (50 Seeds)

Delgold Tobacco (60 Seeds)

Toothache Plant (40 Seeds)

Alfalfa (1,000 Seeds)

Caraway (60 Seeds)

Coriander {Cilantro} (60 Seeds)

Fenugreek (60 Seeds)

Sweet Marjoram (60 Seeds)

Oregano (60 Seeds)

Savory (60 Seeds)

Sheep Sorrel (60 Seeds)

English Thyme (60 Seeds)

Chervil (60 Seeds)

Sage (72 Seeds)

Catmint (60 Seeds)

Chickweed (60 Seeds)

Stevia (25 Seeds)

Pyrethrum (45 Seeds)

Black Cohosh (50 Seeds)

Flax (100 Seeds)

(Rhizome-Special Order)

Dill (60 Seeds)



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