NUTRISTORE Corn Freeze Dried – #10 Can


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Corn Freeze Dried – #10 Can


100% Premium-Quality Freeze-Dried Corn | 25 Year Shelf-Life | Made in USA

*We have updated our branding! You may receive the previous and/or new label as we transition. Regardless, your product is new and has a full shelf life!

Why We Made This

With an optimal amount of nutrients and servings per can, these delicious bulk freeze-dried corn is easy to store long-term and simple to rehydrate. Nutristore Corn is ideal for healthy snacks, lightweight DIY camping/backpacking, or emergency preparedness survival situations. The perfect addition to your emergency survival food storage. Simply create an instant side dish and use it in all of your favorite recipes such as; salad, casserole, soup, or stir fry. Just add water and enjoy!


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