Outback Power PreWired GSLC 175A Disconnects, AC Coupled, 120/240VAC


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Outback Power
GS Load Center
For Radian Series Inverters
GSLC175-AC-120/240 Load Center for AC Coupling

Radian Series Load CenterThe new GSLC175-AC-120/240 load center has been specially designed to integrate with a Radian Series (GS) inverter, MATE 3 controller and a battery bank to provide a complete and easy-to-install, turnkey AC Coupling System for already existing grid-tied systems, only requiring 4 field connections to the grid-tie inverter to install

The OutBack FLEXcoupled system is unique from other AC coupling types in that its foundation is a superior split-phase inverter/charger with dual AC inputs, transfer switching, power management flexibility and multiple operational modes for a wide range of energy scenarios, and greater dynamic stability. This allows using a more elegant, advanced electromechanical coupling center (the GSLC 175-AC-120/240) to achieve AC-coupling instead of relying on the costly, complexity-adding extra frequency circuitry, transformers, and diversion loads used in some conventional systems. Since the OutBack approach is more cost-effective, users have the option of investing in superior, professional-grade energy storage such as OutBack’s EnergyCell GH batteries and IBR-3 integrated rack—and enjoy the utility and security of a system that meets the UL-1741 standard from end-to-end.

The GSLC175-AC-120/240 comes factory prepared with dual 175ADC inverter breakers, dual AC inputs, AC maintenance bypass, PV GFDI, and two PV array inputs, FLEXnet DC battery monitor and three shunts. The GSLC175-AC-120/240 also has a remote operated circuit breaker which disconnects the grid-tied inverter in the event of an outage and autostart a generator if needed.

The following components are sold separately for the GSLC:

  • Inverter Main Disconnects (required for inverter installations)
  • AC Maintenance Bypass Assembly
  • AC Terminal Bus Bars (TBBs)
  • DC and AC Circuit Breakers
  • PV Ground Fault Detector-Interrupter (GFDI)
  • FLEXnet DC Battery Monitor
  • Additional DC shunts and GS-SBUS (if desired)

Breaker Configuration Diagram

DC Breaker Configuration DC Breaker Panel

Holds up to eighteen 0.75″(19mm) wide breakers (1 to 80A), two 1.5″(39 mm) wide breakers (175 or 250A) and one FLEXnet DC. Support for optional AC Input-Output-Bypass Assembly. AC breakers are rated from 10-60 amps of AC current. New double pole 50 amp breaker is available to support 120/240V input and loads.

Breaker Panel ConfigurationBreaker Panel Layout


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