Ova Easy Whole Eggs 6 Cans

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For long-term storage, OvaEasy Whole Egg Crystals also comes in #10 cans. Each can contains 6 of our 4.5 oz pouches along with oxygen scavengers for a 7 year guaranteed shelf-life.

Each can contains the equivalent of 6 dozen eggs.

Each case contains 6 cans (36 dozen eggs).

7 year shelf-life!

  • Can Net Weight:1.69 lbs
  • Case Net weight: 3.38 lbs
  • Shelf-life: 7 years unopened. Shelf-life is measured from the date of production (not the day you order). Generally the product you receive should be at most no more than a few months old.

Canadian orders (Canadian orders please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery)

*Store in a cool, dry place


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