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After the introduction to the market in 2003, the Pieps DSP has quickly become the preferred beacon for backcountry skiers and rescue professionals. The Pieps DSP combines the most modern digital search technology with three antennas and a digital signal processor to create the most user-friendly beacon on the market. Whether you’re faced with a single or multiple burial situation, the Pieps DSP’s unique features makes things smooth, easy and fast for the searcher. • MULTIPLE BURIALS: The absolute highlight of the Pieps DSP is based on signal separation by the Digital Signal Processor (DSP). Multiple avalanche victims are clearly displayed to the searcher on the digital display. Once the closest victim is located, use the “Mark” function to quickly locate the next closest victim. Incredibly simple. Incredibly fast. • OUTSTANDING RANGE: The Pieps DSP provides the largest useful search range of any beacon on the market. Searching in all directions in all orientations. • THREE ANTENNA SYSTEM: In 2003 Pieps introduced the First three antenna avalanche beacon on the market for extremely accurate locating, no matter the position or depth of the buried victim. Three-dimensional searching eliminates the influence of inclined flux lines allowing exact pinpointing. Saves valuable time. • SCAN BUTTON: Used for multiple burial situations. Scan the surrounding area to display how many and how distant each victim is from the searcher’s beacon. The Pieps DSP is the First beacon to show you how many victims are buried. • MARK BUTTON: Once you locate the closes victim, use the mark button to isolate the signal and immediately begin searching for the next closest victim. Saves valuable time. • SOFTWARE UPGRADEABLE: The first software upgradeable beacon on the market. Even if you purchased your DSP back in 2003 you can upgrade it to the latest software without having to buy a new beacon. You can also take part in future software upgrades. This also allows for diagnostic testing of the beacon with printable reports on all beacon functions. Software upgrades are done by authorized Pieps Service Centers only. Visit www.pieps.com for the location of the nearest service center. • VERSION 3.1 SOFTWARE UPDATE: In January 2007, Pieps introduced version 3.1 for the Pieps DSP. The 3.1 update installs the First built-in Frequency Tester on the market. Test the transmission signals on all makes and models to ensure you are traveling with partners with properly transmitting beacons. Measures +/- 457kHz. • SMART TRANSMITTER*: Pieps is the First beacon on the market with Smart Transmitter. With a software upgrade (fee applies) the DSP will transmit its signal in-between the signal of a nearby beacon. Making you and your partner easier to find in the event of burial. No more overlapping signals! Faster and more accurate searches than ever before. The DSP ADVANCED model comes equipped with all the same features as the DPS plus additional options: Temperature Display, Compass,


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