PRI-OCIDE Multi-Fuel Microbicide Treatment – Five (5) Gallon


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PRI-OCIDE  –  Diesel & Kerosene Fuel Microbicide  ***Only Available in 5 Gallon Containers****


PRI-OCIDE kills bugs in fuel…fast! Add PRI-OCIDE to your diesel fuel to instantly kill any bacteria, algae, or fungi that has grown in the fuel, and to prevent any further growth. Unlike traditional microbicides that only kill growth on a one-time basis, PRI-OCIDE keeps working in your fuel to safeguard it from further unwanted growth.

PRI-OCIDE is a synergistic combination of two microbiocides designed to provide a broad spectrum of microbicidal activity, especially where the control of such growth has historically been difficult.

Why Do I Need A Microbicide? – It is very common for small amounts of water to accumulate in diesel fuel. This occurs through a natural process of condensation, and in some cases, through leaks in tank seals. Once present in your fuel, the water acts as a breeding ground for microorganisms, such as bacteria, algae, and fungi. These organisms feed off the hydrocarbons in your fuel, creating a waste product which is corrosive and harmful. These microorganisms also create a layer of emulsified oil, which further increases the microorganism growth, thereby increasing the rate at which your diesel fuel degrades.

Two Phase Effectiveness PRI-OCIDE contains two active ingredients that work together synergistically to kill growth in both the water and emulsified oil phases. PRI-OCIDE penetrates the emulsified oil phase, killing growth therein, and quickly disperses into the water phase, where the bulk of mircoorganisms grow. As PRI-OCIDE kills these microorganisms, the emulsified oil separates and this valuable fuel is returned to a usable form. The creation of sludge is halted, and tank corrosion is inhibited.

Gallons Treated
Initial Treatment
Maintenance Treatment
1 oz.
½ oz.
3 oz.
1 ½ oz.
6 oz.
3 oz.
16 oz.
8 oz.
1 gallon
½ gallon
Economical To Use – Best yet, PRI-OCIDE is extremely economical to use. On first application to the fuel, PRI-OCIDE is dosed at its “Initial Treatment” ratio. Thereafter, this already economical dose rate is cut in half, and PRI-OCIDE is used at its “Maintenance Treatment” ratio.

Effective In All Distillates – EPA registered, PRI-OCIDE is effective in all diesel fuels, MDOs, MGOs, and home heating oils. PRI-OCIDE can also be safely combined with PRI-D, so that you can protect your diesel fuel while at the same time, enhance the fuel’s performance. Use PRI-OCIDE in each fill up to keep your fuel free from contamination and thereby safeguard your valuable engine.


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